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Did You Know?


1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories


Every gram of fat = 9 calories


1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight should be consumed daily


If you reduce your caloric consumption by 500 calories a day that is one pound per week


Combine with a 45-60 minute work out you can reduce your body weight significantly.






Thank You for helping me to change my attitude toward fitness and nutrition....I never thought I would ever see a size 8 again ! ........M.LiVecchi, Mt.Pleasant

Your Fitness Plan of Action kept me focused on my goals and with your "never say quit" attitude I really could take my training to another level ........D.Melnik, Daniel Island



    Reshaping Your Body

     By Burning Fat Faster

       [Geri D’Italia]

         Nutrition is and always will be the key component in your ability to burn excessive body fat; however nutrition without a proper exercise plan will only get you so far. Reshaping your body can be achieved by creating a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise. Exploring the concepts and laws of burning fat faster will enable all of you to reshape your body and burn fat faster.

               Concepts and  Laws of Fat Burning

Simple Math- estimate your daily caloric intake – your energy expenditure (work out) = weight loss. On average a daily caloric intake can range from 1800 to 2500+ calories. Research has indicated a minimal of 1600 calories has to be consumed if fat loss is desired. The easiest way to reduce body fat is to limit or eliminate dietary fat – this means no butter, oils, salad dressings (low fat/ fat free). Limit your dairy products and use egg beater/ egg white only. Eat more chicken- chicken breast is the best choice/ remove the skin- Reduce your consumption of marble red meat (filet is okay). So essentially try to consume healthy fats such as salmon, nuts and of course avocados.                                                                                        

 Monitor/eliminate your simple carbohydrates which are fast digestive  refined carbohydrates ( understanding the glycemic index). Here are some potential carbohydrates to avoid- white bread, large baking potato and rice cakes......

Not all carbohydrates are created equal try to consume slow digestive carbs.- such as whole grain breads, oatmeal ( not instant) sweet potato and of course legumes. We all know nothing can replenish our energy sources like pasta after a strenuous training timing your carbohydrate intake is critical.

Your plate should be 50% protein based- protein is the building block of muscle and helps to boost your metabolic rate- known as thermal dynamics. Eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight every day. Some good sources of protein- chicken, lean meats, low fat cottage cheese, egg whites........Eat your favorite protein and lose body fat faster!!!

 Never eat carbohydrates alone- add vegetables, legumes or protein. Research has indicated combining fast digestive carbs. with slow digestive foods slows the rate of digestion and decreases insulin spiking (G.Index).  

 Try not to eat anything three hours before bed- Our bodies are insulin sensitive at night- If you have to eat vegetables....

We all know starving the body of nutrients is counterproductive.

If you are committed to a weight loss program (fat burning) then you will preplan your meals, 3 protein based meals with 2/3 smaller meals/ healthy snacks in between. Eating frequently will afford you the opportunity to deposit the nutrients into the muscle and increase your ability to metabolize at a higher rate.

  I really believe in the concept of reducing/eliminating refined carbohydrates- pasta, white bread etc.... simple carbohydrates increase your insulin levels thus inhibiting the body’s ability to fat burn. However, post -exercise is an ideal environment for consumption of simple carbohydrates because it replenishes the body energy sources and assists in recovery. Pasta with vegetables would be a great choice.

Develop Your Own Planned Meals with Your Favorite Healthy Foods.....

                 And Watch The Pounds Melt Away.......

If you can handle a moderate to intense Cardio workout on a relatively empty stomach you will increase your maximal ability to fat burn. Why does this occur? Cardio increases your level of norepinephrine which will target fat cells during training. So, if you choose to eat prior to training try to eat 1 ½ hours before an acute bout of exercise, eat lightly & protein oriented and of course hydrate......

Drink green tea-it is a known source to boost your metabolism- stay hydrated drink plenty of liquids- potassium is an important mineral - you can get potassium from food sources such as bananas, avocadoes or supplements (3000mg a day). Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure & allows the heart and kidneys to function properly.

 Weight train - a pound of muscle burns up to nine times the calories of a pound of fat and has been known to increase your resting  metabolic rate ( # of calories you burn at rest). Two hours after weight training your metabolism continues to burn.

 Low Carbohydrate diets usually contain large amounts of fat choose complex carbohydrates such as cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, asparagus etc… Try Eating Lean, Clean (close to organic as possible) and Green.

             Train your brain to utilize The Three C’s:     

            Control, Commitment and Consistency.

Good Luck & Healthy Living. PF&H


Geri D’ Italia, has a BSc. in Physical Education/Health Promotion from the College of Charleston; A Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) & NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Palmetto Fitness & Health LLC  is a Premier Mobile Personal Training Company in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.